Madiwalar Vijaykumar

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Power transformers represent the largest portion of capital investment in transmission and distribution substations. In addition, power transformer outages have a considerable economic impact on the operation of an electrical network. One of the most important parameters’ governing a transformer’s life expectancy is the hot-spot temperature value. Due to(More)
The use of quadratic gate delay models and arrival times results in improved accuracies for a parameterized block-based statistical static timing analysis (SSTA). However, the computational complexity is significantly higher. As an alternative to this, we propose a canonical model based on skew-normal random variables (SN model). This model is derived from(More)
Transformers are essential and important elements of power systems. In the past few years, there has been an increasing concern about the occurrence of turn-to-turn faults in power transformers due to the high costs that unexpected outages cause. It is not always possible to analyze the transformer behavior under such faults under rated conditions, since(More)
Metal-organic frameworks comprise an important class of solid-state materials and have potential for many emerging applications such as energy storage, separation, catalysis and bio-medical. Here we report the adsorption behaviour of a series of fluorocarbon derivatives on a set of microporous and hierarchical mesoporous frameworks. The microporous(More)
Crime is a long overwhelmed issue of human society. Especially, with the expansion of cities and population aggregation in recent years, crime problems have become a great challenge in urbanization process. Both urban policy-makers and police departments have realized the importance of a better understanding of the dynamics of crime. This study explores the(More)
We have presented a detailed analysis of the phase transition kinetics and binding energy states of solution processed methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI3) thin films prepared at ambient conditions and annealed at different elevated temperatures. It is the processing temperature and environmental conditions that predominantly control the crystal structure(More)
Forced by experimental observations of spatio-temporal clusters of crime across a wide variety of urban settings, we present a model to study the emergence, dynamics, and steady-state properties of crime hotspots. This paper focus on a two-dimensional network model for residential burglary, where each site is illustrated by a dynamic attractiveness(More)
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