Madiha Kazmi

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A series of iminothiazolines (4a-j) featuring 2,4,5-trichlorophenyl moiety and aroyl/heteroaroyl substituents has been prepared from readily accessible thioureas. In-vitro screening against glucosidase enzymes showed highly specific inhibition of α-glucosidase with a marked dependence of the potency upon the nature of the aroyl/heteroaroyl substituents. The(More)
s-BuLi-induced α-lithiation-elimination of LiOMe from N-Boc-3-methoxyazetidine and further in situ α-lithiation generates N-Boc-2-lithio-2-azetine which can be trapped with electrophiles, either directly (carbonyl or heteroatom electrophiles) or after transmetalation to copper (allowing allylations and propargylations), providing a concise access to(More)
A carbazole-triazine hybrid was prepared by addition-elimination between carbazole and 2,4,6-trichlorotriazine in the presence of base. The compound shows intensely blue fluorescence both in solution and solid state when irradiated with UVradiation. The structure of (3) was supported by the spectroscopic data and unambiguously confirmed by the single(More)
In mobile ad-hoc networks, the mobile nodes are able to move randomly and freely without any centralized administration or control. The mobile nodes in such networks act both as routers and as hosts. The wireless and distributed nature of ad hoc networks implies a major challenge since the chances of losing packets over the network increases to a great(More)
In the recent years, it has been observed that World Wide Web (www) became a vast source of information explosion about all areas of interest. Relevant information retrieval is difficult from the web space as there is no universal configuration and organization of the web data. Taking the advantage of data warehouse functionality and integrating it with the(More)
The central structural element of the title compound, C(24)H(29)NO(2), is a carbazole unit substituted with two acetyl residues and an octyl chain. The acetyl residues are nearly coplanar [dihedral angles = 5.37 (14) and 1.0 (3)°] with the carbazole unit which is essentially planar (r.m.s. deviation for all non-H atoms = 0.025 Å). The octyl chain adopts an(More)
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