Madian Khabsa

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SeerSuite is a framework for scientific and academic digital libraries and search engines built by crawling scientific and academic documents from the web with a focus on providing reliable, robust services. In addition to full text indexing, SeerSuite supports autonomous citation indexing and automatically links references in research articles to(More)
The automatic extraction of chemical information from text requires the recognition of chemical entity mentions as one of its key steps. When developing supervised named entity recognition (NER) systems, the availability of a large, manually annotated text corpus is desirable. Furthermore, large corpora permit the robust evaluation and comparison of(More)
We introduce a big data platform that provides various services for harvesting scholarly information and enabling efficient scholarly applications. The core architecture of the platform is built on a secured private cloud, crawls data using a scholarly focused crawler that leverages a dynamic scheduler, processes by utilizing a map reduce based(More)
Web search queries for which there are no clicks are referred to as abandoned queries and are usually considered as leading to user dissatisfaction. However, there are many cases where a user may not click on any search result page (SERP) but still be satisfied. This scenario is referred to as good abandonment and presents a challenge for most approaches(More)
While many clustering techniques have been successfully applied to the person name disambiguation problem, most do not address two main practical issues: allowing constraints to be added to the clustering process, and allowing the data to be added incrementally without clustering the entire database. Constraints can be particularly useful especially in a(More)
CiteSeer is a digital library that contains approximately 3.5 million scholarly documents and receives between 2 and 4 million requests per day. In addition to making documents available via a public Website, the data is also used to facilitate research in areas like citation analysis, co-author network analysis, scalability evaluation and information(More)
We tackle the problem of automatically filtering studies while preparing Systematic Reviews (SRs) which normally entails manually inspecting thousands of studies to identify the few to be included. The problem is modeled as an imbalanced data classification task where the cost of misclassifying the minority class is higher than the cost of misclassifying(More)
The automatic extraction of metadata and other information from scholarly documents is a common task in academic digital libraries, search engines, and document management systems to allow for the management and categorization of documents and for search to take place. A Web-accessible API can simplify this extraction by providing a single point of(More)