Madi R Madiyalakan

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Development of sonosensitizers for sonodynamic therapy (SDT) which selectively target abnormal cells can limit undesired side effects in chemotherapeutic applications. Hypocrellin-B (HB) derivatives are low molecular weight compounds which belong to the perylenequinone family of photosensitizing and sonosensitizing compounds. In this study, we investigate(More)
We have used antibody (MAb) specific to hypoglycosy-lated tumor associated MUC1 as a strategy to induce tumor specific immunity. Xenotypic IgG1 has been previously shown to induce T cell immunity targeting MUC1 in patients. We now describe MUC1 specific IgE to reprogram myeloid cells in the tumor microenvironment and modulate tumor specific immunity. To(More)
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