Madhusudhana Rao

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Introduction E-governance is the use of modern information and communication technologies such as internet, local area network, wide area network, mobiles, etc., by government to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and service delivery to citizens and promote transparency [1-5]. By implementing an e-governance initiative government departments will(More)
Gold nanoprobes have become attractive diagnostic and therapeutic agents in medicine and life sciences research owing to their reproducible synthesis with atomic level precision, unique physical and chemical properties, versatility of their morphologies, flexibility in functionalization, ease of targeting, efficiency in drug delivery and opportunities for(More)
Grid technology benefits user by providing a platform which enables access over huge resources. It provides service pertaining to the grid resources available across site and the management of these grid resources would be a challenging one. Cloud technology can benefit grid computing by providing on demand scaling of resources. This paper focuses on the(More)
In this paper a new and efficient method for the reliable load flow solution of power network branches controlled by flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) is presented. In the various methods proposed in past, the formulations was derived in which the Jacobian matrix is in UDU T form, where U is a constant upper triangular matrix depending solely on(More)
Introduction Different coding principles like stability have been successfully applied to passive sensory stimuli to capture sensory representation of neurons [1]. It has become obvious later that the agents behavioral repertoire has a crucial impact on the formation of the sensory representation and thus highlights the importance of the sensorimotor space.(More)
UNLABELLED Efficiency of systemically delivered siRNA in gene silencing is compromised due to lack of target-specific delivery and rapid clearance of siRNA by in vivo elimination pathways. We designed a fusion protein consisting of a dsRNA binding domain of transactivation response RNA binding protein (TRBP2) fused to ErbB2 binding affibody (AF) for target(More)
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