Madhusudan Roy

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A computer simulation study on the possibility of using photoacoustic (PA) technique to differentiate intraerythrocytic stages of malarial parasite is reported. This parasite during its development substantially converts hemoglobin into hemozoin. This conversion is expected to alter the cellular absorption leading to changes in the PA emission of a red(More)
A theoretical model investigating the dependence of optoacoustic (OA) signal on blood oxygen saturation (SO(2)) is discussed. The derivations for the nonbandlimited and bandlimited OA signals from many red blood cells (RBCs) are presented. The OA field generated by many RBCs was obtained by summing the OA field emitted by each RBC approximated as a fluid(More)
A computer aided diagnosis methodology for identifying pathology of human liver using 11 statistical textural features extracted from ultrasonography of 14 fatty and 28 normal livers is presented. It was found that supervised classification could differentiate these two classes of data while unsupervised learning failed to achieve that. For supervised(More)
The work deals with synthesis of nano-crystalline materials in open-air laboratory and in-depth investigation of the tobacco sample of one branded cigarette and its ash using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and associated techniques. It exhibits the presence of nanocrystals and nanorods of various oxides in cigarette ash. The structure,(More)
In the present study, discrimination between Ultra-sonograms USGs of human livers of fatty and normal kind, based on the difference of their image textures, is attempted. Different texture features have been suggested in the literature for this purpose. Most popular of them are GLCM based features. Other features have also been proposed for classification.(More)
To study the distribution of morphological structures like fillers (such as silica nanoparticles) and their agglomerates in polymer nanocomposites, image processing technique on 2D scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of the polymer nanocomposites was used. A suitable algorithm was proposed to determine the threshold for binarization of the SEM image.(More)
A new theoretical approach for photoacoustic (PA) image simulation of an ensemble of cells with endocytosed gold nanoparticles is presented. Each cell was approximated as a fluid sphere and suspended in a nonabsorbing fluid medium. It was assumed that the cellular optical absorption coefficient changed greatly because of endocytosis of nanoparticles;(More)
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