Madhuri D. Patil

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Many Government agencies , business and organizations are willing to collect large amount of data containing the sensitive information about individual such as income, diseases & symptoms also wants to release or share that data to other parties for research work. Thus release of such data with sensitive information (microdata) violates individual’s(More)
Spam Filtering is an adversary application in which data can be purposely employed by humans to attenuate their operation. Statistical spam filters are manifest to be vulnerable to adversarial attacks. To evaluate security issues related to spam filtering numerous machine learning systems are used. For adversary applications some Pattern classification(More)
Demand on video traffic over mobile network is increasing in year on year basis, wireless link capacity cannot satisfying the traffic requirement. The difference in the traffic demand and the link capacity with varying link conditions results in poor quality of videos such as intermittent disruptions and long buffering time over mobile networks. Due to such(More)
The systems which can be used for pattern classification are used in adversarial application, for example spam filtering, network intrusion detection system, biometric authentication. This adversarial scenario's exploitation may sometimes affect their performance and limit their practical utility. In case of pattern classification conception and(More)
Signature based Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) applies a set of rules to identify the traffic and classify known attacks by comparing with the signature. As the detection rate and speed of searching for signature in NIDS have two main aspects, this paper gives data mining approve to improve on detection rate and we use an algorithm to use the(More)
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