Madhuri A. Joshi

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In the palmprint recognition application utilizing more information other than principle lines or minutiae is much helpful. In this paper we proposed Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) based feature vector for palmprint representation and matching and compared with DFT and Wavelet transform. Here the central part of the palmprint image of size 128x128 is(More)
This paper proposes a biometric authentication system based on feature level fusion of face and fingerprint modalities. The proposed method utilizes Gabor filter bank with two scales and eight orientations, to extract directional features from source data. Usage of a small set of Gabor filters typically reduces the system processing time. To introduce a(More)
This paper presents a new approach to authenticate individuals using multiple biometric modalities. It deploys palm print and palm vein images for greater accuracy and flexibility. The contactless system uses a multispectral camera to capture the visible and Near Infrared Images (NIR) simultaneously. Subjects are allowed to place their hands freely below(More)
Being able to provide timely help to victims trapped in various disasters is very important. In this paper a novel strategy for tracking and following of victims using unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is discussed. The proposed system is based on motion tracking algorithm and is useful in operations like fire fighting. The system separates the moving objects(More)
Research in motion analysis has evolved over the years as a challenging field, such as traffic monitoring, military, medicine and biological sciences etc. Detection and tracking of moving objects in video sequences can offer significant benefits to motion analysis. In this an approach is proposed for the detection and tracking of moving object in an image(More)
image processing applications. In case of image compression, quality of decompressed image is also the criterion for evaluation of given coding scheme. In the process of compression –decompression various artifacts such as blocking artifacts, blur artifact, ringing or edge artifact are observed. However quantification of these artifacts is a difficult task.(More)
Internet has gained a lot of interest of customers. Maintaining good relations with customer is the major applications in web mining. The process of extracting useful information from web logs is called Web Usage Mining. This helps to improve the website performance by analyzing the user's interest and also adds profitability in business The main goal(More)
This paper proposes a bimodal biometric system for person identification using two traits, hand geometry and palm texture. The proposed system use complete hand images to find hand geometry and palm texture features. Unlike other multimodal biometric systems, the user does not have to undergo the inconvenience of using two different sensors as two(More)
Image fusion plays an important role in image enhancement and retrieval. For multi-focus image fusion as it is related to frequency distortion the wavelet with symmetric property is more useful to retrieve the image. Hence, to select the wavelet family, which provides better frequency resolution is of immense importance. Due to this property of haar and(More)
Main objective of speech enhancement is to improve perceptual aspects of speech such as overall quality, intelligibility and degree of listener fatigue. The Spectral Subtraction method is historically one of the first algorithms proposed by S.F Boll in 1979. In this method, an estimated speech signal is simply obtained by subtracting a preestimated noise(More)