Madhur Srivastava

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In this paper, we carry out a comparative study of the efficacy of wavelets belonging to Daubechies and Coiflet family in achieving image segmentation through a fast statistical algorithm.The fact that wavelets belonging to Daubechies family optimally capture the polynomial trends and those of Coiflet family satisfy mini-max condition, makes this comparison(More)
This study was conducted to identify the risk factors associated with attempted suicide among people living in and around Pondicherry. Using a case control study design, 137 consecutive cases of attempted suicide admitted to Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, a teaching hospital in Pondicherry and an equal number of(More)
An algorithm is proposed for the segmentation of image into multiple levels using mean and standard deviation in the wavelet domain. The procedure provides for variable size segmentation with bigger block size around the mean, and having smaller blocks at the ends of histogram plot of each horizontal, vertical and diagonal components, while for the(More)
—A multiple linear regression and ARIMA hybrid model is proposed for new bug prediction depending upon resolved bugs and other available parameters of the open source software bug report. Analysis of last five year bug report data of a open source software " worldcontrol " is done to identify the trends followed by various parameters. Bug report data has(More)
The paper introduces the idea of non-uniform quantization in the detail components of wavelet transformed image. It argues that most of the coefficients of horizontal, vertical and diagonal components lie near to zeros and the coefficients representing large differences are few at the extreme ends of histogram. Therefore, this paper advocates need for(More)
We explicate a semi-automated statistical algorithm for object identification and segregation in both gray scale and color images. The algorithm makes optimal use of the observation that definite objects in an image are typically represented by pixel values having narrow Gaussian distributions about characteristic mean values. Furthermore, for visually(More)
—In this paper, we have proposed a novel method of image representation on quantum computers. The proposed method uses the two-dimensional quantum states to locate each pixel in an image matrix with the normalized amplitude values of the image signal being coefficients of the quantum states. The two-dimensional quantum states are linear superposition of(More)
A new method is presented to denoise 1-D experimental signals using wavelet transforms. Although the state-of- the-art wavelet denoising methods perform better than other denoising methods, they are not very effective for experimental signals. Unlike images and other signals, experimental signals in chemical and biophysical applications for example, are(More)
Renal masses account for 55% of cases presenting as palpable abdominal mass in children.[1] An eight year male presented with palpable abdominal mass and pain. The patient underwent renal dynamic scan, which raised possibility of left duplex kidney with non-functioning moiety, as the size of left kidney was smaller than seen on Ultrasonography (USG).(More)