Madhur Khandelwal

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In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of Teaching Table -- an interactive tabletop audio-visual device aimed at enhancing the learning experience for pre-kindergarten children by involving them in physical activities. Using electromagnetic sensing technology, the table can track tagged objects placed on its surface, accurately identifying(More)
A language (langue) is a social institution and a system of values… that resists the modifications coming from a single individual. In contrast, speech (parole) is essentially an individual act of selection and actualization, … the combination thanks to which the speaking subject can use the code of the language with a view to expressing his personal(More)
1 In the postmodern age, people interact with information on a daily basis. The process tends to become routinized. Yet, information has the potential to stimulate imagination, and the emergence of new ideas. We are endeavouring to open the space of everyday experiences with information. People need to create, work with, share, and present collections of(More)
In screen-based experiences, the screen itself can become the physical device used for interaction. The "move-ability" of the screen affords interactivity between the screen artifact and the viewer, and between the virtual and physical spaces. We have created a movable screen interface, called the <i>tilting table</i>, which provides a display surface via(More)
Semantic web researchers tend to assume that XML Schema and OWL-S are the correct means for representing the types, structure, and semantics of XML data used for documents and interchange between programs and services. These technologies separate information representation from implementation. The separation may seem like a benefit, because it is(More)
We continue to develop a generative hypermedia system that uses composition for browsing, collecting and organizing information samples from web pages. The system's generative actions of collecting information samples and composing them visually are conducted iteratively over time, based on an adaptable user model. The system presents the ongoing generation(More)
Metadocuments are documents that consist primarily of references to other documents, and elements within them. Our active browsing web visualization tool generates an evolving series of navigable metadocument snapshots over time. The granularity of browsing is shifted, from documents to the finer grained information elements, which are metadocument(More)
Writing efficient, correct programs to process complex XML documents can be time-consuming and difficult. While data binding frameworks automate translating untyped, structured XML data into strongly typed data structures, their overhead, in terms of configuration during development and maintenance, and CPU at runtime, may be prohibitive. We present an open(More)
combinFormation is a tool that enables browsing and collecting information elements in a generative space. By generative, we mean that the tool is an agent that automatically retrieves information elements and visually composes them. A combinFormation session presents a dynamic, evolving recombination of information elements from different sources. The(More)
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