Madhumita Sengupta

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In this paper a minimum deviation of fidelity based data embedding technique (STMDF) has been proposed where two bits per byte have been replaced by choosing the position randomly between LSB and up to fourth bit towards MSB. This technique also optimized the intensity value of pixel after embedding by comparing it with original pixel value. STMDF technique(More)
In this paper a DWT based frequency domain steganographic technique, termed as WTSIC has been proposed where the cover PPM image transform into the time domain through DWT, resulting four sub-image components as ‘Low resolution’, ‘Horizontal orientation’, ‘Vertical orientation’ and ‘Diagonal orientation’. Secret message/image bits stream in varying(More)
In this paper a DCT based steganographic technique in frequency domain, termed as SADCT has been proposed for authentication of color images. The cover image transformed into the time domain using 8×8 mask in row major order using DCT resulting its corresponding frequency components. Highest frequency values are fetched from red and green components(More)
In this paper a self organized legal document/content authentication, copyright protection in composite domain has been proposed without using any external information. Average values of transformed red and green components in frequency domain generated through wavelet transform are embedded into the blue component of the color image matrix in spatial(More)
In this paper a Z-transform based image coding technique has been proposed. The techniques uses energy efficient and low bandwidth based invisible data embedding with a minimal computational complexity. In this technique near about half the bandwidth is required compared to the traditional Z–transform while transmitting the multimedia content such as images(More)
In this paper a 4 x 4 Daubechies transform based authentication technique termed as SADT has been proposed to authenticate gray scale images. The cover image is transformed into the frequency domain using 4 x 4 mask in a row major order using Daubechies transform technique, resulting four frequency subbands AF, HF, VF and DF. One byte of every band in a(More)
In this paper a DWT based steganography in frequency domain, termed as ATFDWT has been proposed. Here, the cover image is transformed into the time domain signal through DWT, resulting four sub-image components as „Low resolution‟, „Horizontal orientation‟, „Vertical orientation‟ and „Diagonal orientation‟. The secret message/image bits stream in varying(More)
The paper is aimed for a wavelet based steganographic/watermarking technique in frequency domain termed as WASTIR for secret message/image transmission or image authentication. Number system conversion of the secret image by changing radix form decimal to quaternary is the pre-processing of the technique. Cover image scaling through inverse discrete wavelet(More)
In this paper an adaptive partial image encryption technique has been proposed based on Chaotic Map generation. Gray scale image is decomposed into its corresponding binary eight biplanes. Among the biplanes, the significant biplanes are determined for scrambling. All the biplanes are encrypted and scrambled by applying Pseudo Random Binary Number Generator(More)