Madhukar R Tajne

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A rapid and sensitive reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic method is developed for simultaneous estimation of fluconazole, an orally active triazole anti-fungal agent, and tinidazole, which belongs to the group of 5-nitroimidazoles in combined dose tablet. Chromatographic separation was on an ODS Hypersil C(18) column using 0.05 M(More)
The present work describes a two-wavelength method for simultaneous determination of metoprolol and hydrochlorthiazide in fixed dose combination tablet. The wavelengths selected for method were 257.8 nm, 282.9 nm and 315.0 nm. The absorbance difference at first two wavelengths was used for determination of metoprolol and the latter was used for(More)
A simple reverse phase high-performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for determining the concentration of metformin in rat plasma. The method employs C(18) column (300 mm x 2.4 mm i.d.), ammonium acetate (0.15 M) and acetonitrile (90:10; pH-5.5; 1.0 ml/min) as mobile phase and ultraviolet detection at 236 nm. Acetonitrile was used to(More)
A new, simple, precise, rapid and selective high-performance thin-layer chromatographic (HPTLC) method for the simultaneous quantification of Metronidazole (MTZ) and Miconazole nitrate (MCZ) in gel has been developed. It was performed on silica gel 60 GF254 Thin Layer Chromatographic plates using mobile phase comprising of Toluene: Chloroform: Methanol(More)
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