Madhubanti Maitra

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The paper presents a new approach for automated segregation of brain MR images, using an improved orthogonal discrete wavelet transform (DWT), known as the Slantlet transform (ST), and a fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering approach. ST has excellent time-frequency resolution characteristics and these can be achieved with shorter supports for the filter, compared(More)
This paper presents a practical approach for planning location areas (LAS) in a personal communication services network (PCSN) considering the hybrid cost and the recurring cost. Given the number of users, penetration factor, average speed of mobile users, number of mobile switching centers (MSCs), call handling capacity of each MSC and handoff cost between(More)
Keywords: Dynamic spectrum management Decision support system Cooperative game theory Bankruptcy game Shapley value t-value a b s t r a c t Next generation wireless technologies offer various services from voice call to full motion pictures and even to high speed internet access. Consequently, the service providers (SP) armed with different wireless(More)