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An adaptive backstepping sliding mode controller, which combines both the merits of adaptive backstepping control and sliding mode control, is proposed to address the control problem of the Furuta Pendulum in the presence of external disturbances. At first, the underactuated state model of the Furuta Pendulum has been divided into two separate subsystems.(More)
In this present work, we present an algorithm for path planning to a target for mobile robot in unknown environment. The proposed algorithm allows a mobile robot to navigate through static obstacles and finding the path in order to reach the target without collision. This algorithm provides the robot the possibility to move from the initial position to the(More)
The paper presents a new approach for automated segregation of brain MR images, using an improved orthogonal discrete wavelet transform (DWT), known as the Slantlet transform (ST), and a fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering approach. ST has excellent time-frequency resolution characteristics and these can be achieved with shorter supports for the filter, compared(More)
Keywords: Dynamic spectrum management Decision support system Cooperative game theory Bankruptcy game Shapley value t-value a b s t r a c t Next generation wireless technologies offer various services from voice call to full motion pictures and even to high speed internet access. Consequently, the service providers (SP) armed with different wireless(More)
We consider a scenario where a single service provider (SP) owns multiple access networks (ANs) of different (not necessarily competing) technologies. It employs an entity, called spectrum controller (SC), which manages the common pool of spectrum and is responsible for distributing the spectrum to individual ANs in a fair manner. Since the available(More)