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This paper describes the architecture and implementation of the AlphaServer GS320, a cache-coherent non-uniform memory access multiprocessor developed at Compaq. The AlphaServer GS320 architecture is specifically targeted at medium-scale multiprocessing with 32 to 64 processors. Each node in the design consists of four Alpha 21264 processors, up to 32GB of(More)
We pose as a challenge to the verification community the problem of finding errors in the specification of a complicated cache-coherence protocol. It specifies a simplified version of the protocol used in an actual multiprocessor computer, except with one error deliberately introduced and another introduced by accident. The protocol and the memory model it(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Chronic hypertension impairs cerebrovascular regulation in adults, but its effects on the pediatric population are unknown. The objective of this study was to investigate cerebrovascular abnormalities in hypertensive children and adolescents. METHODS Sixty-four children and adolescents aged 7 to 20 years underwent transcranial(More)
The prevalence of hypertension in children is increasing but its neurological effects are under-recognised. Here, we describe acute and chronic effects of childhood hypertension on the nervous system. Acute neurological involvement ranges from posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome to, possibly, infarction and haemorrhage. Children with chronic(More)
Wireless networks are playing important role for development and ease of use of human society. It also gets a lot of attention from research community towards the betterment of applications. A wide range of applications make it very popular and backbone of technology system i.e. GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. In order to categorization of applications, this(More)
The evolutionary based computational approach has been matured into an extensive collection of concepts and techniques with The hype in The complexities of The problems which could not be easily dealt by The classical approach. The effectiveness and efficiency of these modern approaches are making them popular in The field of research and development. in(More)
Privacy of the information is one of the major issues in digital world. However it is responsibility of the owner of the information to secure it from disclosure and unauthorized access. The main motivation behind this protocol is to ensures individual privacy along with integrity of the information. To achieve such security requirements a sharing scheme(More)
It is well known that the current era's living and work style are significantly technology driven. The usage of hi-tech systems, direct and necessitate the systems thinking and hence provides an approach towards Systems Engineering. Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems which(More)