Madhu S Kirugulige

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The digital image correlation method is extended to the study of transient deformations such as the one associated with a rapid growth of cracks in materials. A newly introduced rotating mirror type, multichannel digital high-speed camera is used in the investigation. Details of calibrating the imaging system are first described, and the methodology to(More)
Measurement of fracture parameters for a rapidly growing crack in syntactic foam sheets using image correlation technique and high-speed photography is presented. The performance of a rotating mirror-type multi-channel high-speed digital camera to measure transient deformations is assessed by conducting benchmark tests on image intensity variability, rigid(More)
In this work, fracture behavior of multilayered unidirectional graphite/epoxy composite (T800/3900-2) materials is investigated. Rectangular coupons with a single-edged notch are studied under geometrically symmetric loading configurations and impact loading conditions. The notch orientation parallel to or at an angle to the fiber orientation is considered(More)
Feasibility of introducing compositional gradients to the core of a sandwich structure and the resulting fracture behavior under impact loading conditions is the primary focus of the study. Model sandwich structures comprising of graded core with bilinear variation of volume fraction of hollow microballoons are considered for experimental and numerical(More)
Mixed-mode dynamic crack growth behavior in a compositionally graded particle filled polymer is studied experimentally and computationally. Beams with single edge cracks initially aligned in the direction of the compositional gradient and subjected to one-point eccentric impact loading are examined. Optical interferometry along with high-speed photography(More)
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