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Total Leydig cell volume has been quantitatively determined by a histometric point-counting method in six common mammals, including man. Although the size of the testis has increased from 1.3 +/- 0.1 ml in the rat to 19.8 +/- 6.9 ml in the buffalo, the composition has remained fairly constant with the Leydig cells making up 9--16% of the testicular volume.(More)
The functional organisation of the epididymis has been studied in 20 adult albino rats. The gross divisions of Caput or head, Corpus or body, and Cauda or lower end show distinctive features which indicate functional specialisation. The Caput epididymis has strikingly tall columnar cells with a mean height of 124 mu, but little muscle tissue. It seems to be(More)
OBJECTIVE Congenital penile torsion is a three-dimensional deformity with helical rotation of the distal corporal bodies with the penile crurae remaining fixed to the pubic rami. The first case of congenital penile torsion (hypospadias) was described in 1857. Isolated penile torsion is an under-reported anomaly. The reported incidence of isolated penile(More)
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