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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to evaluate the level of expression of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 proteins in sporadic breast cancer cases to determine the functional role of these genes in breast carcinogenesis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Paraffin embedded histologically proven invasive breast tissue sections that were obtained from 40 patients and the(More)
BACKGROUND Uterovaginal prolapse frequently occurs in postmenopausal women. Hysterectomy with pelvic floor repair is one of the frequently performed surgeries in treating women who have completed their family and are not particular about preserving menstrual function. These hysterectomy specimens are submitted for histopathological examination to confirm(More)
Blood transfusion has been the transmission mechanism in 15 per cent of total patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). A few reports are available regarding the trend of HIV seropositivity in northern India. Prevalence of VDRL (venereal disease research laboratory) reactivity varies from 0.8-15 per cent in blood donors. We present data on(More)
Spontaneous small intestinal perforations are common in India. Surgeons operating on patients with an obscure peritonitis should be aware of the diverse aetiologies of small intestinal perforations in order to be able to provide the appropriate management. We reviewed the pathology records of 165 patients operated on for nontraumatic perforations of the(More)
Involvement of skin in hematologic malignancies is rare phenomena as majority of the dermatologic lesions in leukemia patients are nonleukemic. In the absence of preceding history of leukemia, the diagnosis is often a surprise. Chronic nonhealing ulcer on the back of a 65-years-old male prompted a fine needle aspiration from its base. Smears showed an(More)
Thrombocytosis is commonly seen in reactive conditions and certain neoplastic states, such as chronic myeloproliferative disorders. It is rarely seen in acute leukemia. A 12-year-old girl with acute myeloblastic leukemia (FAB M2) in remission presented with pyoderma. Her hemogram revealed anemia (Hb-6.4g/dl), leucopenia (TLC - 1.2 x 109/L) and(More)
BACKGROUND Calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor (CCOT) accounts for a mere 2-6.8% of odontogenic tumors. The cytologic features of this uncommon entity are not well characterized and may prove challenging in atypical smears, as in our case. CASE Fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) was performed on a right cheek swelling in a 15-year-old girl. Smears(More)
To assess the extent of sequence and antigenic diversity in the minor capsid proteins (L2) of human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6 and 16, 24 clinical samples were obtained, and the regions encoding the immunodominant epitopes 6U3 and 16REx were amplified by polymerase chain reaction, sequenced, cloned into pATH plasmids, and tested for reactivity with human(More)
Human serum samples derived from a case-control study of patients with cervical carcinoma (n = 174) or condyloma acuminatum (n = 25) were tested for the presence of immunoglobulin G antibodies to human papillomavirus type 6 (HPV6) L2 and HPV11 L2 recombinant proteins in a Western immunoblot assay. Thirty-six samples (18%) were positive for HPV6 L2(More)
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