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Discovery of thiazolyl-phthalazinone acetamides as potent glucose uptake activators via high-throughput screening.
With the aim to discover orally active small molecules that stimulate glucose uptake, high throughput screening of a library of 5000 drug-like compounds was conducted in differentiated skeletalExpand
Marine Sponge Dysidea herbacea revisited: Another Brominated Diphenyl Ether
A pentabrominated phenolic diphenyl ether (1) that has not previously been reported from marine sources has been isolated from Dysidea herbacea collected at Pelorus Island, Great Barrier Reef,Expand
Nordehydrocyclodercitin, a hexacyclic pyridoacridine alkaloid from the marine ascidian, Aplidium sp.
A new hexacyclic pyridoacridine alkaloid, nordehydrocyclodercitin (1), from an ascidian, Aplidium sp., cf. Aplidium cratiferum collected at Arab Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia is reported.Expand
Isolation and structural elucidation of cytotoxic agents from marine invertebrates and plants sourced from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
The interest in the marine environment has been stimulated by the array of biological activities of marine natural products and hence their potential biomedical applications. The advent of highExpand
18f-FDG PET/CT to measure glucose metabolism of various breast cancer cell lines in vivo
Author(s): Agrawal, Madhav | Advisor(s): Seo, Youngho | Abstract: Introduction: Breast cancer is prevalent health issue in women. Currently PET scanning is used as a noninvasive means to provideExpand