Madhavan Sasikumar

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Contrast enhancement is one of the most challenging and interesting areas of image processing because of its attractive objective. The performance evaluation of contrast enhancement algorithm is usually user defined and also depends on the image quality and application i.e., different images requires different types of algorithm to enhance. This paper deals(More)
The Handwriting character recognition (HCR) for Indian Languages is an important problem where there is relatively little work has been done. In this paper, we investigate the use of moments features on Kannada Kagunita. Kannada characters are curved in nature with some kind of symmetric structure observed in the shape. This information can be best(More)
This paper presents an overview of Feature Extraction techniques for off-line recognition of isolated Gurumukhi numerals/characters. Selection of Feature Extraction method is probably the single most important factor in achieving high performance in pattern recognition. Our paper presents Zone based hybrid approach which is the combination of image centroid(More)
This paper describes the simulation model and the harmonics analysis of multi level inverters fed RL load and induction motor load. The SEIG fed Hbridge multi level inverter (MLI) for variable speed wind energy conversion systems are considered for various stand alone applications. In this paper, the SEIG fed cascaded five levels inverter for induction(More)
The problem of shadowing is particularly significant in high-resolution satellite imaging (HRSI) which causes either a reduction or total loss of information in the image. The research on segmenting shadow regions is of great significance for image interpretation and it is a supportive tool to detect manmade structures. This paper proposes a solution to the(More)
Biometric palmprint identification is a technology used for identification and verification of palmprints using image acquisition, preprocessing, feature extraction and template matching. Even though the existing palmprint authentication systems have several advantages, there exist many disadvantages such as less accuracy, computational complexity,(More)
Medical imaging is one of the most important sub-fileds in the world of science and technology. There is no compromise in the quality of medical images as it is used to diagnose a variety of illness. Developing a significant denoising method plays a major role in image processing. In this paper, image is first decomposed into eight subbands using 3D DWT and(More)
This paper presents a PV based bidirectional dc/dc converter with auxiliary switch control which performs soft switching, which have been used for battery recharging applications. In conventional method topologies applied with soft-switching technique, not only the resonant components but also additional power switching devices are required which will(More)