Madhav J. Nigam

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Nowadays, through wall imaging (TWI) is an emerging topic of research in which one of the most important tasks is to minimize the clutter through which detection accuracy can be improved. Clutter in TWI is due to many reasons like wall coupling, antenna coupling, multiple reflections etc. To analyze the clutter reduction techniques, firstly we indigenously(More)
This paper makes an exhaustive survey of various applications of Quantum inspired computational intelligence (QCI) techniques proposed till date. Definition, categorization and motivation for QCI techniques are stated clearly. Major Drawbacks and challenges are discussed. The significance of this work is that it presents an overview on applications of QCI(More)
This paper proposes a methodology to design filters that extract information from noisy signals. From a mathematical point of view, a method is used based on homogeneous polynomially parameter-dependent (HPPD) matrices of arbitrary degree. The optimal filter is then obtained by solving a convex optimization problem using off-the-self software. To show the(More)
During real time control of a dynamic system, one needs to design control systems with advanced control strategies to handle inherent nonlinearities and disturbances. This paper deals with the designing of a model reference adaptive control system with the use of MIT rule for real time control of a ball and beam system. This paper uses the gradient theory(More)
This paper presents a Model Predictive Controller design structure for the magnetic levitation control system based on prediction theory which gives an optimum performance under external disturbances. The conventional controller like PID gets failed to control the system effectively under such disturbances, so an accurate model and complex algorithm are(More)
Firefly Algorithm (FA), a population based algorithm has been found superior over other algorithms in solving optimization problems. In this paper we intend to formulate a quantum Delta potential well model for FA. The fireflies are placed in an exponent atmosphere where the extinction coefficient varies with distance between the fireflies and a global(More)
This paper presents the real time control of Magnetic Levitation System using feedback linearization and online learning using Radial Basis function neural networks. It starts with the comparison between adaptive linear controller and neurocontroller used here. Both the controllers uses feedback linearization method and Lyapunov's stability theory to derive(More)
In power plants a control system is designed to stabilize output frequency and output electrical voltages in presence of variable power demand which acts as disturbance in transmission and distribution system. In this paper, Fuzzy PID is designed for MontazerGhaem power plant gas turbine (GE9001E).While designing, the identified model (linear) is correlated(More)
In this paper, A Novel Stochastic Algorithm using Pythagorean means for minimization of the objective function is described. The algorithm is initially tested with Rastrigin’s function and compared with Genetic algorithm results for the function with the same initial conditions. After this, it is used in tuning the gains of fuzzy PD + I controller for(More)