Madhat Abdel-jawad

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All conventional metals are known to possess a three-dimensional Fermi surface, which is the locus in reciprocal space of the long-lived electronic excitations that govern their electronic properties at low temperatures. These excitations should have well-defined momenta with components in all three dimensions. The high-transition-temperature (high-T(c))(More)
In a finite volume CFD method for unsteady flow fluxes of mass, momentum and energy are exchanged between cells over a series of small time steps. The conventional approach, which we will refer to as direction decoupling, is to estimate fluxes across interfaces in a regular array of cells by using a one-dimensional flux expression based on the component of(More)
The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method is used to simulate the flow of rarefied gases. In the Macroscopic Chemistry Method (MCM) for DSMC, chemical reaction rates calculated from local macroscopic flow properties are enforced in each cell. Unlike the standard total collision energy (TCE) chemistry model for DSMC, the new method is not restricted to(More)
In the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo method, a combination of statistical and deterministic procedures applied to a finite number of ‘simulator’ particles are used to model rarefied gas-kinetic processes. Traditionally, chemical reactions are modelled using information from specific colliding particle pairs. In the Macroscopic Chemistry Method (MCM), the(More)
We have performed electrical transport measurements at low temperatures and high magnetic fields in Na(0.5)CoO2 single crystals. Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations corresponding to only 1% of the area of the orthorhombic Brillouin zone were clearly observed, indicating that most of the original Fermi surface vanishes at the charge-ordering (CO) transition.(More)
The measurement of forces in hypervelocity expansion tubes is not possible using conventional techniques. The stress wave force balance technique can be applied in expansion tubes to measure forces despite the short test times involved. This article presents a new calibration technique for multiple-component stress wave force balances where an impulse(More)
Angle-dependent magnetoresistance measurements are used to determine the isotropic and anisotropic components of the transport scattering rate in overdoped Tl2Ba2CuO6+delta for a range of Tc values between 15 and 35 K. The size of the anisotropic scattering term is found to scale linearly with Tc, establishing a link between the superconducting and normal(More)
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