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Maternal donors of polyploids in Pseudoroegneria (Poaceae: Triticeae) and related genera inferred from chloroplast trnL-F sequences
To investigate the maternal donors and phylogenetic relationships of polyploids in Pseudoroegneria and related genera, the chloroplast trnL-F sequences of 31 Triticeae accessions were analyzed and suggested that they are suitable for phylogenetic analysis. Expand
Mitogenomics suggests a sister relationship of Relicanthus daphneae (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: incerti ordinis) with Actiniaria
15 newly-sequenced sea anemone mitochondrial genomes and a mitogenome-based phylogeny including all major cnidarian groups, sponges, and placozoans are presented and a moderately supported sister relationship between Relicanthus and the Actiniaria is revealed. Expand