Madelyn P. Law

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The aim of this descriptive exploratory study was to determine the perspectives of parents and children with cancer on a home chemotherapy program. Qualitative analyses were used to organize data from 24 parents and 14 children into emerging themes. Themes included (1) financial and time costs, (2) disruption to daily routines, (3) psychological and(More)
BACKGROUND Nursing plays a central role in facilitating care transitions for complex older adults, yet there is no consensus of the components of nurse-led care transitions interventions to facilitate high quality care transitions among complex older adults. A structured expert panel was established with the purpose of identifying effective nurse-led care(More)
Purpose: It has been widely noted that existing healthcare systems do not always function effectively for the transgender population. Despite existing healthcare barriers, however, transgender individuals have been shown to have positive healthcare experiences. This study explored a cohort of transgender individuals who had positive healthcare experiences,(More)
A qualitative design was used to explore the nature of caregiver involvement in care transitions of patients being transferred from an acute care hospital to a rehabilitation hospital. Participants included older adults (n=13), informal caregivers (n=9), and health care professionals (n=50) from inpatient orthopedic units in two academic health science(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the perceptions of patients, their caregivers and healthcare professionals associated with the exchange of information during transitioning from two acute care hospitals to one rehabilitation hospital. DESIGN An exploratory qualitative study using semi-structured interviews and observation. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING Patients over the(More)
INTRODUCTION Few studies have examined the effect of clinical teaching on patient satisfaction in rural and community-based settings. We sought to examine whether patient satisfaction differed when patients were seen by a physician alone or by a physician and medical student in these settings. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional study in rural and(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in resident duty hours in Europe and North America have had a major impact on the internal organizational dynamics of health care organizations. This paper examines, and assesses the impact of, organizational interventions that were a direct response to these duty hour reforms. METHODS The academic literature was searched through the(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal was to explore the perspectives of health care professionals on factors that influence change to policies, protocols and practices in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with regard to nosocomial infection and chronic lung disease. Study design An exploratory descriptive design using semi-structured individual and focus group(More)
Antimicrobials are among the most commonly prescribed medications in acute care settings, with 50% of antimicrobial use deemed inappropriate. Antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASP) aim to optimize antibiotic use in order to improve patient clinical outcomes while minimizing unwanted effects of therapy including Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) and(More)
The Manchester Patient Safety Culture Assessment Tool (MaPSCAT) was used to examine the levels of safety culture maturity in four programs across one large healthcare organization. The MaPSCAT is based on a theoretical framework that was developed in the United Kingdom through extensive literature reviews and expert input. It provides a view of safety(More)