Madeline Morey

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BACKGROUND One area of research that requires further elaboration is the relationship between impairments and functional limitations. By identifying specific contributors to functional limitations, it may be possible to establish intervention strategies, including exercise approaches, that can delay or ameliorate decline in function. The association between(More)
Research Summary: Using multi-level modeling techniques, this study explores characteristics of 35 after-school programs (ASPs) that criminological research and theory predict should be related to problem behavior outcomes. Controlling for individual-level predictors of problem behavior and for the composition of the participating ASPs, several ASP(More)
A family had dominantly inherited macular dystrophy with flecks and without evidence of major cone dysfunction. This family shows that the clinical picture of Stargardt's disease can result from at least two different genes: one with dominant and another with recessive heredity. Some patients had fundus flavimaculatus flecks of Stargardt's disease; others(More)
Most homeless teenagers are running away from abusive or violent home situations. Many of the daily survival tactics employed by runaways put them at risk for a variety of medical problems, including sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, tuberculosis, trauma, accidents, and HIV infection. Mental health issues of depression, low self-esteem, hostility,(More)
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