Madeline Faust

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Calcium antagonists are valuable pharmacological tools for the study of stimulussecretion and excitation-contraction coupling mechanisms. Two 2-substituted 3-dimethylamino-5,6-methylenedioxyindene hydrochlorides were tested for antagonism of the spasmogenic action of various agonists on isolated smooth muscle preparations. The 2-n-propyl and 2-n-butyl(More)
To decouple the extracellular oxidative toxicity of catechol adhesive moiety from its intracellular non-oxidative toxicity, dopamine was chemically bound to a non-degradable polyacrylamide hydrogel through photo-initiated polymerization of dopamine methacrylamide (DMA) with acrylamide monomers. Network-bound dopamine released cytotoxic levels of H2O2 when(More)
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