Madeline Cummings

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The visual field of normal infants was assessed using a perimeter with LED stimuli and a forced-choice observation procedure. Central fixation was elicited by four central, pulsing LEDs and maintained with the aid of auditory stimuli. Field extent was derived from the four-alternative, forced-choice judgments of an adult who observed the infant's eye(More)
A light-emitting diode (LED) perimeter and forced-choice procedures are described that enable quantitative assessment of peripheral visual fields of young children. The visual fields of normal children, aged 2-5 years, and adults are compared. There are no significant differences in the extent of the LED visual field of the children and the adults. For(More)
Nine normal adult and seven normal infant human corneas were studied for the presence of dendritic epithelial Langerhans cells in a masked fashion. Epithelial flatmounts were separated from the underlying corneal stroma using EDTA. The epithelial Langerhans cell densities were determined in the limbus as well as the peripheral, pericentral, and central(More)
An animal model has been developed to study the effects of various prophylaxis agents on acquisition of chlamydial conjunctivitis. When Hartley strain newborn guinea pigs received ocular inoculations of Chlamydia psittaci followed by the instillation of various agents, 1% AgNO3 significantly lowered the risk of developing chlamydial conjunctivitis if it was(More)
1 The gravitation of John Billings to hooks was as inevitable and as certain as any law of nature. It was equally certain that, given access to hooks, he would know their contents, use them, and intro­ duce others to their solace and help. Detailed to the Surgeon General's Office and finding no library, he made one. That he and no one else was founder of(More)
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