Madeleine Cohen

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OBJECTIVE To obtain descriptions of how family physicians detect and manage mental health problems commonly encountered in their practices and how they function in their role as mental health care providers. Also, to elicit their perceptions of barriers to the delivery of optimal mental health care. METHOD Focus groups with standardized questions were(More)
Four cases are described of prepubertal boys in whom the convergence of neurodevelopmental disorder, viral infection and psychosis seemed more than coincidental. Review of the literature highlights the possibility that viral infection of the central nervous system may play a contributory role in childhood psychosis. Whilst it is essential to avoid a(More)
'The commercial banks we partner with are the first to admit that a business aspirant is far more comfortable coming to a library than to a bank for an orientation to exporting because there is no fear of being pitched or sold to here.' Abstract Describes how the New York Public Library's Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL) was created in 1996 to(More)
BACKGROUND The Theory of Optimal Stimulation (Zentall & Zentall, Psychological Bulletin, 94, 1983, 446) posits that the relation between activity level (AL) and cognitive performance follows an inverted U shape where midrange AL predicts better cognitive performance than AL at the extremes. METHODS We explored this by fitting linear and quadratic models(More)
We have described the assessment approach to couples with sexual complaints used in the McMaster Human Sexuality Clinic. Our approach takes into account a number of individual factors including intrapersonal and biological ones as well as issues of sexual socialization, gender role socialization and sexual orientation. Couple factors include relationship(More)
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