Madeleine Bates

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The Air Travel Information System (ATIS) domain serves as the common evaluation task for ARPA"spoken language system developers. 1 To support this task, the Multi-Site ATIS Data COllection Working group (MADCOW) coordinates data collection activities. This paper describes recent MADCOW activities. In particular, this paper describes the migration of the(More)
We describe the design and performance of a complete spoken language understanding system currently under development at BBN. The system, dubbed HARC (Hear And Respond to Continuous speech), successfully integrates state-of-the-art speech recognition and natural language understanding subsystems. The system has been tested extensively on a restricted(More)
There has been a long-standing methodology for evaluating work in speech recognition (SR), but until recently no community-wide methodology existed for either natural language (NL) researchers or speech understanding (SU) researchers for evaluating the systems they developed. Recently considerable progress has been made by a number of groups involved in the(More)
Alpha and beta defensins have been isolated from various human tissues and form an important part of the innate immune system. Their role in implantation of the embryo has not yet been studied. This study was designed to detect both alpha and beta defensins in the mid luteal phase endometrium and investigate the correlation between the defensin expression(More)
The Air Travel Information System (ATIS) domain serves as the common task for DARPA spoken language system research and development. The approaches and results possible in this rapidly growing area are structured by available corpora, annotations of that data, and evaluation methods. Coordination of this crucial infrastructure is the charter of the(More)
This paper describes work in progress to develop a facility for natural language access to a variety of computer databases and database systems. This facility, called IRUS for Information Retrieval using the RUS parsing system, allows users who are unfamiliar with the technical characteristics of the underlying database system to query databases using typed(More)
The protective effect of affinity purified antigen has been investigated in an experimental model for malaria which shows a well marked recrudescence of parasitaemia, a feature of the disease in man. A monoclonal antibody (MoAb) recognizing an epitope common to two genetically distinct cloned lines of Plasmodium chabaudi (AS and CB), was used to purify a(More)