Maddalena Cabizza

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Pesticides with N,N-dimethyl and thiomethyl moieties (aminocarb, methiocarb and fenthion) were irradiated under artificial light (lambda > 290 nm) in an amorphous wax phase from Persica laevis DC. The effect of the presence of the wax on the photolysis rate differed in the three pesticides, increasing it in aminocarb, having little effect in methiocarb and(More)
In this work, the chemical compositions and antimicrobial properties of Juniperus essential oils and of their main components were determined. Five berry essential oils obtained from different species of Juniperus growing wild in Sardinia were analyzed. The components of the essential oils were identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)(More)
The effect of epicuticular waxes extracted from fruits (apple, nectarine, pear, and plum) and vegetables (tomato and eggplant) on the photodegradation of rotenone was studied. The waxes affected the decay rate and the degradation pathway of this botanical insecticide. Tomato, nectarine, and plum waxes decreased the photodegradation rate compared to(More)
Degradation of two fungicides (cyprodinil and fludioxonil) and two insecticides (cyfluthrin and pymetrozine) applied on iceberg and romaine lettuce under field conditions with different methods (portable mistblower and chemigation) was studied field data showed that both distribution methods and lettuce cultivar affect the degradation trends of examined(More)
The degradation of 12 fungicides (azoxystrobin, cymoxanil, cyproconazole, cyprodinil, fenarimol, fludioxonil, iprovalicarb, mepanipyrim, penconazole, pyrimethanil, tolclofos-methyl, triadimenol), commonly used in pest management strategies on Sardinian greenhouse tomato crops was studied. A different residue behaviour was observed between the studied(More)
Rotenone and rotenoids (deguelin, beta-rotenolone (12a beta-hydroxyrotenone), tephrosin (12a beta-hydroxydeguelin), 12a alpha-hydroxyrotenone, and dehydrorotenone) were determined in cubè resins and formulations. Cubè resins from Lonchocarpus contain large quantities of deguelin (ca. 21.2%) and smaller quantities of tephrosin (ca. 3.5%) and beta-rotenolone(More)
The behavior of 28 pesticides on two tomato cultivars with a different surface/weight (S/W) ratio of the berries (S/W, Birikino vs. Tombola) was studied, in order to provide appropriate indications about their persistence on crops reaching the pre-harvest interval (PHI). Quantitative analysis was performed using a GC MS/MS method. Birikino cv. (BIR) was a(More)
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