Madaswamy S. Muthu

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Nanotheranostics is to apply and further develop nanomedicine strategies for advanced theranostics. This review summarizes the various nanocarriers developed so far in the literature for nanotheranostics, which include polymer conjugations, dendrimers, micelles, liposomes, metal and inorganic nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, and nanoparticles of(More)
Anxiety is a special variety of fear, experienced in anticipation of threatening stimuli. While some research workers have said that the response of a child improves with the number of visits, many have felt otherwise. The present study is yet another effort to find the patterns of anxiety in children during sequential dental visits. The main aim was to(More)
Talon cusp occurs as a result of disturbances during the morpho-differentiation stage of tooth development. It is more common on the palatal surface of the permanent maxillary incisors. It can be unilateral/bilateral, but can also occur on the same tooth. Only 2 published reports exist documenting talons on both labial and lingual surfaces of the same tooth(More)
Concomitant presence of a supernumerary tooth in the primary dentition and another supernumerary tooth associated with permanent tooth in the same location is an uncommon condition. Presence of supernumerary tooth in the primary dentition itself is a rare phenomenon. Presented here, is the first such case of simultaneous presence of supernumerary tooth in(More)
Supernumerary or extra teeth result from disturbances during the initiation and proliferation stages of dental development. Teeth formed in excess of the normal number are termed supernumerary teeth. A supernumerary tooth may closely resemble the teeth of the group to which it belongs i.e. molars, premolars or anterior teeth or it may bear little(More)
Supernumerary teeth are those which are additional or in excess of the normal number. They can be either single or multiple, unilateral or bilateral and can be present anywhere in the dental arch with predilection for the premaxilla. Supernumerary teeth are mostly classified on position and form. Timing of surgical intervention of supernumerary teeth has(More)
Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by severe deficits in social interaction and communication. A wide spectrum of medical and behavioral symptoms is exhibited by children with autism, which makes routine dental care very difficult in them. Bruxism or forceful grinding of teeth is one of the sleep problems commonly observed in children with(More)
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