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The esthetic restorations of primary anterior teeth have always occupied an important part of the pediatric dentist's armamentarium. Various materials have been tried for this purpose and ample materials have been researched in an attempt to fulfill the prerequisites for an ideal esthetic restorative material.Composite resins have been traditionally noted(More)
The problem of designing FIR filters has received a great attention during the last decade, as the filters are suffering from a large number of multiplications, leading to excessive area and power consumption even if implemented in full custom integrated circuits. Early works have focused on replacing multiplications by decomposing them into simple(More)
Low power has emerged as a principal theme in today's electronics industry. The need for low power has caused a major paradigm shift where power dissipation has become as important a consideration as performance and area. This project aims at reducing the power consumption of the decoder by proposing a low-power memory-reduced traceback Maximum A Posteriori(More)
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