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OBJECTIVE Pityriasis rosea (PR) is an acute self-limiting disease. Despite vigorous efforts by generations of researchers since nearly 150 years, present treatment modalities for PR are not very gratifying. Ultraviolet radiation has been recommended in PR, although only a few studies validate this proposal. This study was conducted to explore the(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES During the post influenza pandemic period, continuous surveillance of influenza virus and its subtypes is mandatory to help the policy makers to take effective and appropriate decisions. Therefore, this study was planned to determine the pattern of influenza virus activity in context to various meteorological and clinical parameters(More)
article, a single layer reduced size broadband microstrip antenna with properly positioned In this patch placed above defected ground plane has been successfully implemented. The size of the antenna is reduced with large enhancement in bandwidth by defecting the ground plane and proper positioning of the patch with respect to the defected ground plane. With(More)
The establishment of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) was a turning point for high‑standard postgraduate training in various medical disciplines in the country. The institute attracted many leading teachers and clinicians for its faculty from medical colleges in India and abroad. There was a congenial atmosphere to excel in all aspects of(More)
In wireless media, secure communication is one of the important concepts. We use Identity based cryptosystems in order to provide security in two-way relay networks. But due to the use of identity of a node as their public key, this scheme lacks the anonymity and privacy preservation. So, in order to solve this problem, propose a new approach in two-way(More)
SUMMARY Remote Sensing imagery provides valuable information for urban mapping and 3-D modelling of urban landscape. The 3-D models can increase the understanding and explanation of complex urban scenarios and supports in the decision making processes. The geospatial remote sensing information have a complex structure involving space, time and presentation.(More)
Now day's transaction failure is a common issue in mobile environment. There are various cause of transaction failure in mobile environment, some of them most common are failure of coordinator (normally which is base station in case of mobile environment), disconnection of mobile device, low battery, handoff. This paper proposes the new transaction commit(More)