Madan Gopal Sharma

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Finite element models of diseased arteries subject to balloon dilation are used to study the stresses in the arterial wall and plaque at peak balloon pressures. These models incorporate large strain, simulate contact between the balloon and the inner artery, and the constituent materials are modeled as nonlinear elastic. In these analyses, balloon dilation(More)
A rheological constitutive relation in shear for an apple cortex tissue has been developed based upon creep experiments on solid cylindrical samples of the soft tissue obtained from a specified location of the apple and subjected to constant torques of various magnitudes and duration using a specially developed multiaxial loading device. Results indicate(More)
A novel green and efficient one-pot multicomponent reaction of dihydropyridine derivatives was reported as having good to excellent yield. In the presence of the catalyst ceric ammonium nitrate (CAN), different 1,3-diones and same starting materials as 5-bromothiophene-2-carboxaldehyde and ammonium acetate were used at room temperature under solvent-free(More)
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