Madalin Plastoi

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Wireless sensor networks technology is a rapidly growing domain, getting more and more credit in the area of civilian and military applications. In the same time with technological advancement, new and dangerous information security threats have emerged. In this paper we considered that a node self-destruction procedure must be performed as a final stage in(More)
With the continuous development of the wireless technology, securing wireless sensor networks became more and more a crucial but also a demanding task. In this paper we propose a combined strategy that is meant to discover malicious nodes within a wireless sensor network and to expel them from the network using a self-destruction node technique. Basically,(More)
Wireless sensor networks represent a fascinating domain, with a wide area of applications in various environments. For this reason, in the world of wireless networks professionals, there is a major interest concerning the security issues in network communication and data flow between a sensor network and other types of intelligent devices. This paper(More)
In the last decade, wireless sensor network (WSN) domain had benefit from a huge development effort and a major technological boom. These wireless networks equipped with tiny sensors can be used in a wide area of applications and various environments. This is one of the reasons that conducted to a continuous concern for improving the communication and the(More)
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