Madalena Lordelo

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Use of cottonseed meal in poultry diets has been avoided in large part because of fear of gossypol toxicity. Gossypol exists naturally as a mixture of 2 enantiomers that exhibit different biological activities. Two experiments were conducted to determine the relative toxicity of gossypol enantiomers on broilers. In the first experiment, 3-d-old broilers(More)
Gossypol, a natural component of cottonseed meal, exists in positive (+) or negative (-) enantiomeric forms, and their levels and ratio could be altered by developing new genetic strains of cotton. Two experiments were conducted to determine the relative toxicity of the individual gossypol enantiomers in laying and broiler breeder hens. In the first(More)
An experiment was conducted to determine the effects of mechanical pile turning/mixing with the addition of hardwood shavings to manure in deep pit layer housing. A commercial six row deep-pit poultry house were assigned treatments of : two rows each with 357.5 kg shavings base-mixed (treatment A), two rows each with 725.9 kg shavings-mixed (B), one row(More)
Anaerobic cellulolytic bacteria organize a comprehensive range of cellulases and hemicellulases in high molecular weight multienzyme complexes termed cellulosomes. Integration of cellulosomal components occurs via highly ordered protein-protein interactions between cohesins and dockerins. This paper reports the production of mini-cellulosomes containing one(More)
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