Madalena Humanes

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Interest in the study of marine sponges and their associated microbiome has increased both for ecological reasons and for their great biotechnological potential. In this work, heterotrophic bacteria associated with three specimens of the marine sponge Erylus deficiens, were isolated in pure culture, phylogenetically identified and screened for antimicrobial(More)
Vanadium haloperoxidases were extracted, purified and characterized from three different species of Laminariaceae--Laminaria saccharina (Linné) Lamouroux, Laminaria hyperborea (Gunner) Foslie and Laminaria ochroleuca de la Pylaie. Two different forms of the vanadium haloperoxidases were purified from L. saccharina and L. hyperborea and one form from L.(More)
The extraction, fractionation and HIV-1 inhibition potential of polysaccharides extracted from three species of marine sponges, Erylus discophorus, Cliona celata and Stelletta sp., collected in the Northeastern Atlantic, is presented in this work. The anti-HIV activity of 23 polysaccharide pellets and three crude extracts was tested. Crude extracts prepared(More)
Two enzymes characterised as iodoperoxidases (PcI and PcII), with vanadium-dependent activity, have been purified from the brown alga Pelvetia canaliculata (L.) Decne et Thur. (Fucaceae, Phaeophyceae), collected in the Northern Portuguese coast, at Viana do Castelo. The relative molecular masses were 166 kDa for PcI and 416 kDa for PcII, as determined by(More)
Sponges, ubiquitously occurring organisms, have many characteristics that indicate their potential as biomonitors. Since it is very important to find the most wide range of organisms that can act as early warners of pollution, we investigated the presence of the biomarker acetylcholinesterase in the cosmopolitan sponge Cliona celata Grant, 1826. Specimens(More)
The vanadium haloperoxidase (V-HPO) enzyme, extracted from the brown alga Laminaria saccharina, is able to catalyze the formation of a black precipitate, using as precursor the amino acid L-dopa in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and iodide, in one-pot synthesis. The L-dopa oxidation is a multistep reaction with a crucial role played by the iodide in the(More)
This paper reports the chemical study of a sample of Fasciospongia sp. collected along the Atlantic Portuguese coast. Three new isomeric furanosesquiterpenes, isomicrocionin-3 ( 1), (-)-microcionin-1 ( 2), and (-)-isomicrocionin-1 ( 3), were isolated along with the known (-)- ent-pallescensin A ( 4) and (-)-pallescensin-1 ( 5) from the ethyl acetate-soluble(More)
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