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Bluetongue virus serotype 21 (BTV-21) was originally isolated from Australia, but has now been reported from India, Indonesia, China and Japan. We report the isolation, and sequencing of BTV-21 from India. The complete ORF sequence of VP2 gene of this isolate showed that it is closely related to recent BTV-21 isolates from Japan (93–94% identity), and(More)
Recent incursions of bluetongue virus (BTV) into previously naive geographical areas have emphasised the need to better understand virus movement and epidemiology. Several bluetongue virus (BTV) serotypes are known to exist in India, and some serotype viruses have been isolated. However, the complete genome of not a single isolate is available to date. We(More)
A Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a direct communication channel between a human brain and an outside environment. Through this interface, users' can send their messages or commands without any muscle movement, but through the thought process. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is used to measure the brain response which is generated by billions of nerve cells(More)
Poliomyelitis, caused by poliovirus, is on the verge of eradication, and the world is preparing to shift from live to inactivated polio vaccine. In view of the requirement of non-infectious reagents, especially protein antigens, for surveillance during the final phase of poliovirus eradication, we have attempted to generate reagents that may be of use for(More)
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