Mackenzie Carpenter

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We combined a study of the subcellular distribution of the alpha1, alpha2, alpha4, beta1, beta2/3, gamma2, and delta subunits of the GABAA receptor with an electrophysiological analysis of GABAA receptor currents determine the to types of receptors expressed on cultured hippocampal pyramidal neurons. The immunocytochemistry study demonstrated that alpha1,(More)
Urinary excretion of cAMP and cGMP was studied in nine normal and 15 asthmatic children. Bronchial lability was studied with a treadmill running test and atopy with serum IgE and skin prick tests. A circadian rhythm was found in both groups for cAMP and cGMP excretion. Cyclic GMP levels were higher in the asthma group, the difference reaching statistical(More)
Event related desynchronization (ERD) allows evaluation of brain signals in multiple frequency dimensions. The purpose of this study was to determine left hemispheric non-primary motor cortex differences at varying frequencies of premovement ERD for similar movements by end-effectors of the upper and lower extremities. We recorded 32-channel(More)
The efficiency of 2 different doses of bovine PPD tuberculin was compared using the caudal fold test for the detection of tuberculosis in beef cattle. Two matched groups of 98 cattle were selected on the basis of their reactivity to HCSM tuberculin. Cattle in each group were tested with a singl 0.1 ml dose of bovine PPD tuberculin containing either 0.1 mg(More)
1539 Background: Brain metastases are commonly addressed with whole-brain irradiation, using unblocked opposed lateral fields, delivering 30 Gy in 10 fractions via 6 MV photons prescribed to midplane, with the isocenter set in the center of the cranial contents. A frequent result in long term survivors is permanent partial epilation in a strip of skin along(More)
Figure 2. Gadolinium-enhanced MRI sequence showing ring-enhancing lesions within the basal ganglia (arrow). Figure 1. Fluid-attenuated inversion recovery MRI sequence demonstrating vasogenic and cytotoxic edema in the bilateral basal ganglia (arrows). Diagnosis: Isolated cerebral mucormycosis of the basal ganglia. Brain biopsy tissue was obtained by(More)
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