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Diverging Parties: Social Change, Realignment, and Party Polarization
Party polarization in the House of Representatives has increased in recent decades. Explaining this development has been difficult, given current interpretations of American elections. The dominantExpand
Connecting Students to Politics through a Multi-Class Campaign Simulation
  • Mack D. Mariani
  • Political Science
  • PS: Political Science & Politics
  • 1 October 2007
Simulations are an important complement to a traditional political science education in that they can promote active learning and enhance student understanding of course material. Simulations canExpand
Informed by insights from feminist institutionalism, this article considers the effect of various aspects of the Irish political system on women's candidate selection and election, and discusses theExpand
Indoctrination U.? Faculty Ideology and Changes in Student Political Orientation
In the provocatively titled Indoctrination U., David Horowitz argues that radical members of college faculties have “intruded a political agenda into the academic curriculum,” engaging in propagandaExpand
See Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Sarah Palin Run? Party, Ideology, and the Influence of Female Role Models on Young Women
Previous research suggests that women’s descriptive representation may have a role-model effect on young women, encouraging them to greater levels of political participation. Using data from theExpand
Is Local Office a Springboard for Women to Dáil Éireann?
Previous research has found the single transferable vote electoral system is relatively friendly to women candidates. Despite this, female representation in the Irish Parliament remains substantiallyExpand
Promoting Student Learning and Scholarship through Undergraduate Research Journals
Abstract Previous research indicates that undergraduate research activities promote student-faculty collaborations and have a positive impact on students, faculty, and institutions. A review of 13Expand
The Michigan Militia: Political Engagement or Political Alienation?
The split within the Michigan Militia leadership highlights a disagreement between competing factions about the role militia groups should play in the political system. Norm Olson, the deposedExpand
A Gendered Pipeline? The Advancement of State Legislators to Congress in Five States
The pipeline theory predicts that women serving in lower levels of political office will leverage political resources and experience gained at those levels to advance to higher office. On the basisExpand
Simulations Build Efficacy: Empirical Results from a Four-Week Congressional Simulation
This article describes a four-week congressional committee simulation implemented in upper level courses on Congress and the Legislative process at two liberal arts colleges. We find that theExpand