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Fifty-seven elbows in 46 rheumatoid arthritis patients were followed from one to 20 years, with an average follow-up period of 86 months, and were treated with synovectomy and radial head resection. A silicone radial head prosthesis was inserted in 13 elbows. Surgery was performed through a lateral incision. Long-term follow-up study showed 77% of the(More)
Although arthroplasty has developed tremendously in the last few years, there are still indications for arthrodesis of the wrist, particularly in nonrheumatoid patients where fairly heavy loads are imposed on the joint. Fusion is also a salvage procedure for failures of other procedures. The authors recommend fusion in a neutral position for unilateral or(More)
Twenty-three Swanson silicone rubber implants in patients with stage III or stage IV rheumatoid arthritis were reviewed at an average of 72 months after surgery. Minimum follow-up in patients with unrevised implants was 44 months. Results were rated good or excellent in 48%, fair in 4%, and poor in 48%. Pain was the primary indication for surgery. Patient(More)
We have had to revise 19 wrist arthroplasties--seven silicone implants and 12 metal-on-plastic total wrist arthroplasties. Each of the seven silicone implants was successfully revised in one operation; the four fusions and three total wrist implants were functioning 6 or more years after surgery. Nineteen operations were needed to revise the total wrist(More)
The incidence of complications in the initial three years' experience with total knee arthroplasty and patellar replacement was 9%. Of the total knee arthroplasties perforated in the last three years, neither fracture nor subluxation of the patella has occurred. A prosthesis with right and left femoral components and slight lateral (physiologic) slanting of(More)
The results of 30 Volz total wrist arthroplasties in 23 patients with stage III or stage IV rheumatoid arthritis were reviewed 36 to 106 months after the operation (average 69 months). Sixty percent were rated good or excellent, 27% were rated fair, and 13% were rated poor. Good or excellent results were achieved in 77% with single-prong metacarpal(More)
This vascular injection study of the triangular fibrocartilage (TFC) was carried out in 12 fresh cadaver arms--eight adults and four infants--with Ward's blue latex. The TFC receives its blood supply from (1) the ulnar artery through its palmar and dorsal radiocarpal branches, (2) the dorsal branch of the anterior interosseous artery, and (3) the palmar(More)
Deformity of the forefoot is a common disabling problem in chronic rheumatoid arthritis. The most common deformifies are hallux valgus, cockup toes, and depressed metatarsal heads. Resection arthroplasty has been improved by adding reconstructive procedures, for example, medial capsular arthroplasty in the great toe and plantar plate arthroplasty of the(More)