Maciej Wiatr

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BACKGROUND Dysphagia is a common symptom of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and leads to increased risk of aspiration, malnutrition and dehydration. Swallowing mechanism in ALS patients has not been systematically studied. MATERIAL AND METHODS Based on the manometry analysis of upper investigate tract we have measured base of tongue contraction,(More)
INTRODUCTION Amyloidosis' are the heterogeneous group of diseases characterized by extracellular accumulation of secondary protein structures causing progressive disturbances of the organs. Amyloid deposits are localized mainly in the tissues of parenchymal origin (spleen, kidneys, liver) and as far as otorhinolaryngologic organs are concerned the primary(More)
BACKGROUND Bony wall damages in the region of the middle and posterior cranial fossa are usually observed in cases of chronic otitis media. These defects can also be congenital, post-traumatic, iatrogenic or due to tumors. They can potentially lead to the development of intracranial complications. MATERIAL/METHODS We analyzed patients who were diagnosed(More)
The application of computer modelling for medical purposes, although challenging, is a promising pathway for further development in the medical sciences. We present predictive neural and k-nearest neighbour (k-NN) models for hearing improvements after middle ear surgery for chronic otitis media. The studied data set comprised 150 patients characterised by(More)
BACKGROUND The occurrence of the disturbances of oropharyngeal phases of swallowing in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients has been well documented. THE AIM OF STUDY Assessment of the oesophageal manometry for detection of the oesophageal phase of swallowing in ALS patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study was carried out in 12 dysphagic ALS(More)
INTRODUCTION We discuss a case of a 48-year old man admitted to our Department with symptoms of chronic ear infection, that didn't answer to typical conservative treatment. The culture of the discharge was positive for Alcaligenes xylosoxidans. MATERIAL AND METHODS We report characteristic features of that bacteria and we compare them with features of(More)
Respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma is a rare, non-neoplastic tumour characterised by an abnormal mixture of tissues that are indigenous to the region. REAH are shiny, polypoid, exophytic masses with a rubbery to firm texture. They may arise and co-exist in the setting of inflammatory polyps. We present a case of a 49-year-old patient who was(More)
The primary objective of surgical treatment of chronic otitis media is to remove the pathological changes and restore the biology of the middle ear. Subsequently, ossicular chain reconstruction is performed in order to restore hearing. The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of mathematical models (artificial neural networks) in postoperative(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of changes to the mucous in the middle ear on the outcome of the reconstruction of the ossicular chain exemplified by a type 2 tympanoplasty. MATERIAL/METHODS A prospective analysis was carried out with regard to patients operated on at the Otolaryngology Department at Collegium Medicum,(More)
BACKGROUND Otogenic intracranial complications are rare diseases. If misdiagnosed and untreated they can lead to serious condition of patient and life-threatening. This group of complications ought to be kept in mind in patients with chronic otitis media. AIM OF THE STUDY We discuss types of otogenic complications and performed treatment. MATERIAL AND(More)