Maciej Walkiewicz

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BACKGROUND Systemic review of predictors of success in medical career is an important tool to recognize the indicators of proper training. AIM To determine psychological factors that predict success in a medical career. The success is defined as professional competence, satisfaction with medicine as a career, occupational stress and burnout and quality of(More)
AIM Our study investigated the styles of success in the medical career in young physicians, in comparison with the same subjects examined 4-10 years earlier. METHODS The participants were first studied when they applied to the medical university (1999). Questionnaires were sent to all students each year (2000-2005). Fifty-four medical doctors participated(More)
BACKGROUND Sense of coherence is related to well-being, stress and life satisfaction among medical students and physicians. The purpose of the study was to investigate relation between sense of coherence during medical education and styles of success in the medical career. METHODS The participants were first examined when they applied to medical school in(More)
The goal of this paper is to present the latest trends and research reports on burnout syndrome among doctors and nurses. In the first part we present the most recent research tools used in the study of burnout among medical personnel. Then we present results by three areas: demographic factors, personality and coping styles, and finally organizational(More)
BACKGROUND The stress associated with the physician's work is generally acknowledged and is related to well-being and life satisfaction. The presented study was designed to extract the role of coping strategies in identifying differentiated styles of success in a medical career during medical education. METHODS The participants were examined when they(More)
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