Maciej Piernik

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In this paper we tackle the issue of exchanging and integrating medical information originating from different health care information systems. We propose a solution — Healthcare Integration Platform (HIP) — which utilises some of the concepts contained in the IHE profiles [1] combined with the existing EHR standards in order to maintain a(More)
Now that the use of XML is prevalent, methods for mining semi-structured documents have become even more important. In particular, one of the areas that could greatly benefit from in-depth analysis of XML’s semi-structured nature is cluster analysis. Most of the XML clustering approaches developed so far employ pairwise similarity measures. In this paper,(More)
Classification of large, static collections of XML data has been intensively studied in the last several years. Recently however, the data processing paradigm is shifting from static to streaming data, where documents have to be processed online using limited memory and class definitions can change with time in an event called concept drift. As most(More)
XML classification finds many applications, ranging from data integration to e-commerce. However, existing classification algorithms are designed for static XML collections, while modern information systems frequently deal with streaming data that needs to be processed on-line using limited resources. Furthermore, data stream classifiers have to be able to(More)
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