Maciej Pacula

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Psychological disorders are frequently under-diagnosed and consequently have an irreversible impact on individuals and society. The stigma associated with such disorders makes face-to-face discussions with family members and clinicians difficult for many individuals. In contrast, people openly relate experiences on Internet forums. This paper describes a(More)
Modern high performance libraries, such as ATLAS and FFTW, and programming languages, such as PetaBricks, have shown that autotuning computer programs can lead to significant speedups. However, autotuning can be burdensome to the deployment of a program, since the tuning process can take a long time and should be re-run whenever the program,(More)
Many real world problems have a structure where small problem instances are embedded within large problem instances, or where solution quality for large problem instances is loosely correlated to that of small problem instances. This structure can be exploited because smaller problem instances typically have smaller search spaces and are cheaper to(More)
We are using bandit-based adaptive operator selection while autotuning parallel computer programs. The autotuning, which uses evolutionary algorithm-based stochastic sampling, takes place over an extended duration and occurs in situ as programs execute. The environment or context during tuning is either largely static in one scenario or dynamic in another.(More)
Next-generation sequencing has evolved technically and economically into the method of choice for interrogating the genome in cancer and inherited disorders. The introduction of procedural code sets for whole-exome and genome sequencing is a milestone toward financially sustainable clinical implementation; however, achieving reimbursement is currently a(More)
The goal of recommender systems is to make personalized product recommendations based on users’ taste. As the Netflix challenge demonstrated, one of the the most effective way to build such systems is through matrix factorization. Matrix factorization algorithms utilize prior product feedback given by users to automatically build user and product profiles.(More)
The stigma associated with mental health issues makes face-to-face discussions with family members, friends, or medical professionals difficult for many people. In contrast, the Internet, due to its ubiquity and global outreach, is increasingly becoming a popular medium for distressed individuals to anonymously relate experiences. In this paper, we present(More)
Psychological health disorders pose a growing threat to society. Disorders such as Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), are often under-diagnosed and under-treated. Crisis hotlines are often the last resort for people who, from the lack of proper treatment, are considering suicide or intend to harm(More)
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