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Early attempts to understand the causes of physician stress focused almost exclusively upon the role of external stressors and demands. Recent psychosocial and behavioral research, however, suggests that individual attitudes, beliefs, personality factors, and learned coping strategies probably play a more important role. In addition, such cognitive and(More)
This paper presents a newly developed algorithm for induction machine rotor speed estimation and parameter detection. The proposed algorithm is based on spectrum analysis of the stator current. The main idea is to find the best fit of motor parameters and rotor slip with the group of characteristic frequencies which are always present in the current(More)
This paper presents a newly developed algorithm for evaluating the health of an induction machine. The proposed algorithm allows for motor eccentricity detection on the basis of impedance spectrum analysis. The proposed method is based on a concept of performing the analysis in the frequency spectrum of the impedance for each power phase. The biggest(More)
Using micro-sensors in industrial applications is of great interest due to their small size, low-cost and little power consumption. However, the harsh environmental conditions encountered in an industrial environment have so far hindered the widespread use of, for example, MEMS-based sensors. Such sensors are particularly suited for mobile condition(More)
The work described in this paper focuses on the design of a low cost, hand held acoustic camera. The novel process of creating the camera has been entirely engineered in ABB Ltd. Even though the creation of the acoustic camera with the use of 3D printing techniques may come at the cost of slightly decreased accuracy of the measurements, when compared with(More)
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