Maciej Myslinski

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INTRODUCTION The elderly represent the fastest growing population group in France. The care management of people suffering from dementia has become an important problem. Demented patients manifest behavioral problems, depression, apathy, impairment in social activities and language skill disorders. The literature contains few studies investigating(More)
We describe a post-processing technique that extends the effective measurement bandwidth of narrowband vector receivers by phase aligning overlapping measurements. We study the repeatability of the method and the propagation of errors as increasing numbers of bands are stitched together. The method can be used to find phase errors both in the excitation(More)
This work presents a procedure to design a multisine with probability density function (PDF) similar to that of a measured realistic digitally modulated signal. We discuss important practical issues crucial to the successful multisine construction and related to the measurement-based nature of this method. This procedure has been successfully applied to(More)
This paper presents a simple test bench providing RF vector measurements of typical wireless communication system building blocks under realistic signal conditions. The instruments are synchronized by use of an experimental method based on an estimate of the signal path’s time delay. As an example, a complex digitally modulated signal with a carrier(More)
INTRODUCTION Elderly people and their family helpers are often isolated at home and do not have access to the professional psychological help that they require. For an elderly population, the trips to consulting rooms are difficult, tedious and expensive. Besides, maintaining a patient at home is heavy to manage for close relatives because of the(More)
In this work, the S-functions behavioral modeling method has been used for the first time under two-tone large signal excitation. For this purpose, a modified S-functions model representation is proposed. The technique is applied to harmonic balance simulations of a doubly balanced diode mixer. The new model is almost five time faster than the circuit(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the combination of drug and cognitive therapy on age-associated memory impairment (AAMI). PATIENTS AND METHODS A double-blind randomized trial was performed involving 162 patients with age-associated memory impairment selected and followed by their general practitioners. Two intervention methods-a drug and a cognitive therapy-were(More)
This paper presents a snapshot of key large-signal network analysis capabilities enabling state-of-the-art microwave device characterization. An overview of different large-signal network analyzer configurations with the source- and load-pull techniques is given. Next, we report on the modulation capabilities that allow the characterization of high- and(More)
This paper demonstrates the extraction of three different system level behavioural models of power amplifiers from large signal time domain measurements. The modelling results are evaluated using a common independent CDMA2000SR1 telecommunication input signal. The capability of the models to predict long term memory effects is also evaluated by artificially(More)
Introduction As discussed in [1], error vector magnitude (EVM) is a standard figure of merit for assessing the quality of digitally-modulated telecommunication signals. EVM expresses the difference between the normalized magnitude and phase of an ideal symbol and a demodulated symbol. McKinley et al. showed analytically in [2] that when symbols of the(More)
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