Maciej Michalewicz

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Numerical optimization problems enjoy a sig-nicant popularity in evolutionary computation community; all major evolutionary techniques (genetic algorithm, evolution strategies, evolutionary programming) have been applied to these problems. However, many of these techniques (as well as other, classical optimization methods) have di-culties in solving some(More)
In this paper we present a methodology and discuss some implementation issues for a project on statistical/expert approach to data analysis and knowledge acquisition. We discuss some general assumptions underlying the project. Further, the requirements for a user-friendly computer assistant are specified along with the nature of tools aiding the researcher.(More)
In this paper we briefly report a set of programming tools designed to support the analysis of some aspects of radiological contamination caused by Tchernobyl catastrophe. First of all a system for data storing is characterized; after mentioning basic data structures, two mutations of this system are described (one version for data collected during a pilot(More)