Maciej Kumosa

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  • L Kumosa, D Armentrout, B Benedikt, M Kumosa
  • 2005
The applicability of using flat composite plates and hollow core composite cylinders for moisture absorption testing of unidirectional glassr r r r rpolymer composites () used in high voltage composite non-ceramic insulators was examined. Two main (issues were addressed in this work. First, the effect of specimen geometry cylinders rs vs. plates on moisture(More)
  • B Benedikt, M Gentz, L Kumosa, P K Predecki, D Armentrout, M Kumosa +1 other
  • 2003
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of aging in either air or nitrogen on the residual interlaminar strains and stresses in unidirectional and woven graphite/polyimide composites. In order to accomplish this goal, XRD measurements have been made on embedded aluminum inclusions placed between the first and second plies of both unidirectional(More)
Three open-source applications, NanoEngineer-1, packmol, and mis2lmp are integrated using an open-source file format to quickly create molecular dynamics (MD) cells for simulation. The three software applications collectively make up the open-source software (OSS) suite known as MD Studio (MDS). The software is validated through software engineering(More)
Recent evidence indicates that renin transgenic rats TGR(mRen2)27 (TGR) manifest increased activity of the central vasopressinergic system. Because one of the reasons for this finding could be an increased synthesis of vasopressin receptors, we determined in the present study expression of V1a and V1b vasopressin receptors (R) mRNA in the brain of TGR rats(More)
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