Maciej Kudla

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Due to its scale and tight specifications, the European XFEL poses real challenges in the field of low-level radio-frequency (LLRF) control. The implementation of this semi-distributed control system on the microTCA for physics (MTCA.4) platform triggered numerous designs of electronic boards and helped refine the usage of MTCA.4 technology for physics and(More)
The part of RPC trigger electronic system Link Boards (LBs) and Control Boards (CBs) will be placed in the CMS cavern, mostly on the detector surface and some inside endcaps, between muon station ME1/1 and hadron calorimeter HE/1. These boards will be in the radiation field, composed mainly of thermal neutrons and high-energy hadrons (E = 10 – 100 MeV). The(More)
l Modular architecture separated execution units with distributed microcode. Large memory up to 7 Mbytes of separated program and data memory configurable in l/2 Mbyte units. FORTRAN 77 fully supported, with the exception of I/O instructions, including double precision 64 bit floating point thus giving results identical bit for bit to an IBM CPU.(More)
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