Maciej Kmiec

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We have previously shown that seizures induce the formation of F(2)-isoprostanes (F(2)-IsoPs), one of the most reliable indices of oxidative stress in vivo. Isofurans (IsoFs) are novel products of lipid peroxidation whose formation is favored by high oxygen tensions. In contrast, high oxygen tensions suppress the formation of F(2)-IsoPs. The present study(More)
Microwave imaging techniques are prone to signal corruption from unwanted multipath signals. Near-field systems are especially vulnerable because signals can scatter and reflect from structural objects within or on the boundary of the imaging zone. These issues are further exacerbated when surface waves are generated with the potential of propagating along(More)
in the successful production of farm animals, specially in the case of so called multiple-litter animals, e.g. livestock. The size of a litter is crucial since the cost of producing a piglet is inversely proportional to the size of a litter in sows. Selection for the size of a litter is Studium vztahu mezi polymorfismem genu receptoru estrogenu (ESR) a(More)
In the aftermath of a major radiological accident, the medical management of overexposed individuals will rely on the determination of the dose of ionizing radiations absorbed by the victims. Because people in the general population do not possess conventional dosimeters, after the fact dose reconstruction methods are needed. Free radicals are induced by(More)
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